At Beauty Within, your well being is as important to us as your skin health. In our Holistic Wellness Centre, we offer a range of holistic wellbeing therapies, via our talented associate practitioners, to balance your mind, body and spirit.

Janice Tucker, Holistic Therapist

Janice Tucker

Holistic Therapist

Janice is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Medical Qi Gong, and also holds a degree and PhD in Zoology and is a qualified science teacher. Janice provides Acupuncture & Medical Qi Gong treatments and Conflict Management Coaching in the clinic on selected days.

Angela Keane, Holistic Therapist

Angela Keane

Holistic Therapist

Angela also brings a wealth of experience and is qualified in a number of holistic therapies including Reflexology, Gold Therapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, “Mums to be” Massage and Aromatherapy.

Tony Dunne, Holistic Therapist

Tony Dunne

Holistic Therapist

Tony is a bodywork therapist specialising in trigger point massage, deep tissue therapeutic massage, hot stone massage and strain/counter-strain manipulation and provides treatments in the clinic on selected days or by appointment.

Holistic Wellness Centre @ Beauty Within Killorglin

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