Gold Therapy is a Hot Metal Nugget Massage that is treated on the energy meridian system of the body.

What is Gold Therapy?

The main tool of Gold Therapy is a set of round metal nuggets that are plated copper with gold. The natural property of gold is warm which is very good for stimulating the circulation of energy & blood in the body. This warm heat protects the energy in the body and burn off the body waste. Also, the copper that has high heat conductivity contains free electron. This material makes free electron easily and the free electron can move freely in the copper. So, this material can deliver photon, electron and far-infrared radiation to the deep area of the body easily with warm heat. We can check the body condition by measuring the temperature of the body. Too much heat or cold feet & hands indicate that there is an imbalance in the body.

What does the Gold Therapy do?

Gold therapy is a therapy to rebalance the body by controlling the body heat. Massage with the warm gold plated copper nugget puts heat in the body to improve body condition. As a result, the natural healing power also improves. Protein gets harder when hydrogen bonds go up and gets softer when hydrogen bonds go down. If the state of tension in the fascia is continued, the hydrogen bonds of collagen go up which result hardened state in the fascia. In order to solve the tension in the fascia, we need to bring down the hydrogen bonds by putting heat in the fascia.

Cancer cells which are made of protein can also be controlled by changing the hydrogen bonds in cancer cells. The gold plated copper nugget emits far-infrared radiation. Also, the far-infrared radiation creates heats by vibrating, rotating & translating of molecule. Through massaging the tension area of the body with the heat, the hydrogen bonds of collagen in the massaged area go down. As a result, the body and muscle can be relaxed, the pain is reduced and the natural healing power becomes stronger. Gold Therapy stimulates Energy Meridian Lines under the skin to send the pressure to the deeper layer of fat in the body. It eradicates the cellulite and knots. It also improves physical constitution as well as various effects including reducing the size of the face. The gold plated copper nuggets that are used for the Gold Therapy can be used permanently.

Initial Diagnosis and Treatment – 1 hour
Subsequent Treatments – 30-40 minutes

Angela Keane, Holistic Therapist

Angela Keane

Holistic Therapist

Angela also brings a wealth of experience, with a background in nursing, and is qualified in a number of holistic therapies including Reflexology, Gold Therapy Massage, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy.

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