Conflict Management Coaching helps you to achieve peace of mind at a time when you may be feeling blocked, frustrated, angry, worried and /or stressed by an interpersonal relationship which is suffering from conflict.  You will come through the Conflict Coaching process with more clarity, much less anxiety and an increased confidence that you have made the most empowering choices for you.

The process is confidential.  It helps you to find new and practical ways of dealing with you unique situation (either personal or in business).  Usually only 2-6 sessions are required.  This coaching can be used before conflict arises (when it is anticipated), while you are going through a dispute, or after a conflict when you may still have negative thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Initial session – 2 hours
Subsequent sessions – 45 minutes

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Janice Tucker, Holistic Therapist

Janice Tucker

Holistic Therapist

Janice is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Medical Qi Gong, and also holds a degree and PhD in Zoology and is a qualified science teacher. Janice provides Acupuncture & Medical Qi Gong treatments and Conflict Management Coaching in the clinic on selected days.

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