Men’s skin is approximately 20% thicker than a woman’s, and is typically firmer because of a higher abundance of collagen and elastin. In general, male skin is oilier, with larger pores and a richer blood supply.

The skin aging process is the same for men and women, but for men it occurs later. In a man’s skin, the dermis is thicker and richer in collagen and the epidermis is often more oily. Therefore, it’s more resistant than a woman’s skin to the effects of the sun and other environmental factors. Around the age of 40 to 50 years, the dermis layer of a man’s skin thins, and the level of collagen decreases naturally yet dramatically, causing deeper wrinkles to appear. Just as for women, men can prevent and correct the signs of aging with appropriate men’s skincare.

More men than ever are interested in grooming and taking care of their skin, preventing aging and maintaining a healthy glow.  For best results, your skin requires customised home care products specifically for men. A man’s skin is his first defence against the effects of the sun, climate, and other environmental factors such as air pollution so it needs protection. Starting with a basic homecare routine will not go unnoticed.  Choose from our recommended products.

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