Why is skincare and skincare products of such interest to people?

The skin is our largest organ and forms a complete external covering for the body serving as a protective shield against heat, light, injury and infection. Our skin also regulates body temperature and acts as storage for water, fat and vitamin D.

We need to look at the areas that we want skincare to address: Our skin is made up of three layers: The Epidermis, Dermis and Sub-cutaneous layer.

The epidermis provides a physical barrier that prevents substances such as water from entering the body and is also where our skin’s natural exfoliation happens.  Although you can’t see it happening, the epidermis is constantly renewing itself. Approxmately 30-40,000 dead skin cells are shed every minute of the day.

The dermis contains nerve endings, blood vessels, oil glands and sweat glands.  In the dermis we also have collagen and elastin which provide structure and bounce to the skin.  As we age, collagen and elastin break down giving the skin a less toned appearance with more visible lines and wrinkles.  In order to address these lines, wrinkles or tone, we need to use effective skincare products and ingredients that will directly target this area.

The sub-cutaneous layer is the deepest layer of the skin.  It is made mostly of fat and helps conserve the body’s heat while protecting other organs from injury by acting as a “shock absorber”. This layer also helps hold your skin to all the tissues underneath it.

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