Yon-Ka Eclat Contour

These 3 “contour” treatments provide you with the ultimate tool to preserve the fragile beauty of the eyes. Wrinkles and lines are smoothed away and puffiness, dark circles and sinus pain are all reduced. Recommended as an intensive course of treatments for optimum results.

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Yon-Ka Le Grande Classique

Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial. A truly personalised and complete skin care treatment combining cleansing, a relaxing massage and natural aromas combine to leave your skin clean and your complexion radiant.

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Yon-Ka Hydralessence Visage

Long- lasting, high performance deep hydrating facial that revives the most dehydrated complexions. Luxuriate in the warmth of healing hands whilst your skin is bathed in a moisture surge of oils, creams and elixirs. Sheer bliss!

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Yon-Ka Optimizer

Lift effect facial encouraging flawless skin and perfect tone. In just a little more than an hour, your facial contours are “lifted” and your skin is left looking beautiful and relaxed.

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Yon-Ka Plaisir d’Aromes

Aromatic, relaxing and well-being facial uniting all the beneficial elements of Yon-Ka skin care leaving you calm and your complexion glowing with health.

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Yon-Ka Soin Pureté

This soft, deep cleansing, regenerating facial offers the prefect solution to acne, giving maximum action without the use of alcohol products.

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