What is Qigong?

Qigong is one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “Qi” is you vital energy that you obtain from parents (what you inherit), air and food. “Gong” is repetitive work, paring away, never ending discipline.

Qigong involves simple relaxation and breathing exercises as well as some gentle physical movement and stretching combined with the mind in order to enhance Qi and its smooth flow.

Qigong is suitable for any age and ability of person as the techniques taught are tailored to your individual health needs.  You will only be shown the exercises that will have the greatest effect on your health.

In summary Qigong is never ending work on building, enhancing and refining our Qi.


  • Helps you to relax – physical, mental and emotional – more energy and calmer mind.
  • Calms your mind, adjusts your breath and posture.
  • Strengthens your health to prevent onset of illness.
  • Treats your illness.
  • Improves your longevity – practitioners of Qigong look younger and are reputed to live longer!

Private Qigong lessons are available (1 hour session).